The new lines of IEC DAB+ maintain the traditional safety features of Itelco transmitters and improve the ease of intervention by the operators thanks to the extremely simple design.

The homogeneity among all product lines and the manufacturing process optimization allow Itelco to be extremely competitive, meeting the customers needs in terms of operating costs reduction, ease of maintenance and spare parts management.

The compact transmitter line IEC DAB+, that perfectly meets low power solution requirements, is capable of delivering from 50W to 300W in VHF DAB+

Its compactness, modularity and redundancy have been applied to the design of the transmitter as well as of the cooling system.


iec6 schema tecnico

IEC DAB+ line is characterized by:

Multi-Standard operation
(DAB / DAB+ / T-DMB )
2 ETI inputs, (out of the 4 IP interfaces available)
Transmission: SFN and MFN 2 ETI inputs
Supported modes: DAB Mode I, II, III and IV Seamless switching between any combination of inputs (ETI and/or EDI) is fully supported in SFN mode. Redundancy: User selectable switching policy between “Primary” and “Secondary”
Fully broadband on VHF frequencies The DAB/DAB+/T-DMB features redundant ETI (G703/G704) inputs, two EDI Ethernet Gigabit IP ports providing seamless switching of data inputs and two TCP/IP control ports.
Low power consumption SNMP version 2 / Web Server remote control
Doherty technology Integrated multi standard Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver supporting both GPS and GLONASS satellites.
Extremely compact design Different possibilities of internal precision oscillators to comply with the minimum requirements of each client. 0,02ppm per year.
Easy installation and maintenance Remote software/firmware upgrade
Modular design Most intuitive and professional WEB Graphical User Interface.
Latest LDMOS technology for RF stages essay writing service center;”>High efficiency air cooling system
Adaptive pre−correction Enhanced Nonlinear Precorrection algorithm with DEEP MEMORY EFFECTS based on the Volterra polynomial series.