Compact DTV Transmitters

ALPAN represents the new Compact transmitters line made by Itelco-Electrosys capable to deliver from 25W up to 600W in DVB-T/H standard (60W up to 1.4kW ATV standard).

The core of this line is the MEXII multimode exciter combined with the Thalna air cooled amplification modules structure.

The integration of technologies related to MEX and Thalna lines allow to reach excellence levels in compactness, modularity and redundancy, well applied to the design of the transmitter as well as of the cooling system.

The homogeneity among all product lines and the manufacturing process optimization allow Itelco-Electrosys to be extremely competitive, meeting the customers’ needs in terms of operating costs reduction, ease of maintenance and spare parts management.


– Integrated Control Units
– Integrated Exciter (MEXII)
– 1/2/3 RF Pallets (LDMOS)
– Air Cooled System (2 blowers)


alpan Image


Analog TV Power Wp.s. DVB-T/H DVB-T2 ISDB-T/Tb DTMB Power Wrms ATSC/ATSC 3.0 Power Wrms Dimensions  U x 19″ rack Download All
60 25 35 3 Download
120 50 70 3 Download
250 100 140 3 Download
500 200 280 4 Download
1000 400 560 4 Download
1400 600 800 4 Download