I.O.T. - Inductive Output Tube

The I.O.T. technology transmitters line perfectly meets the needs of customers that require high and very high power solutions, from 60kW up to 300kW.

I.O.T. transmitters are designed for analog and digital terrestrial broadcasting. Itelco IOT analog transmitters can be easily upgraded to ATSC (8-VSB), ATSC-3.0, DVB-T/T2 and ISDB-T, ISDB-Tb, DTMB through the Multimode Exciters (MEXII) being costworth solutions for customers.

This is the third generation of very high output power UHF TV transmitters with common vision and sound amplification using the latest Inductive Output Tube (IOT).


Multimode MEX-II Exciter(s)
– Intermediate Power Amplifier Driver (IPA)
– High Power Final Amplifier (HPA)
– Linear or Switch-Mode – high voltage beam power supply
– Mains Distribution
Cooling system: high efficiency Liquid / Air open circuit