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Global player in communications field,
ITELCO company
is well recognized as one of the

broadcast world innovator firms of all times.

Since 1962 the company designs, develops and manufactures state-of-the-art broadcasting TV transmitters in Solid State and IOT technology, liquid and air cooled.

Besides broadcast market, ITELCO developed high performing turn-key projects tailored according to specific requirements of ScientificMilitary, Aerospace and Medical fields.

Today, after the recent acquisition of Electrosys by Elenos under Itelco Broadcast name, Elenos & Itelco group aim to the integration of superior engineering and technological capabilities by providing, together, over 90 years of broadcasting expertise worldwide.

Elenos Broadcast Experience

The Broadcasting &

Why Itelco

1. Reliability
more than 1000 high and medium power TV transmitters still in service since 1985

2. Innovation
always Pioneers in the broadcasting industry

3. Research & Development
10% of revenue reinvested into R&D

4. Customer oriented
the state of the art turn-key projects tailored to specific requirements

5. Maximum power efficiency
save money and pay back your transmitter

6. Lifetime costs
low cost maintenance, no additional cost for switch off from analog to digital.

High Reference Standards

ITELCO Broadcast business lines, i.e. supply of radio television transmitters, design for
scientific and medical applications, design of turn-key” and/or custom projects, set
full attention and committment in offering very high level technologies, range top
performances, quality and exibility.

The adoption of leading edge technologies as well as solid and attractive design,
represent by now the distinguishing feature identifying ITELCO Broadcast products.

The high reference standards relating to all product lines, with possibility
of customized solutions, make the product and the relevant service unique for complying
whatever requirement type.

Our committment is to continue proposing, to all branches in which we operate, those
excellency levels which will represent tomorrows technological standards.